A World Leader in Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

HYGOOD is an expert in suppling and designing both natural and chemical gaseous fire suppression solutions ideally suited to the protection of high value assets, people and property.

At HYGOOD we are dedicated to applying innovative new technologies to provide specific fire protection solutions for industrial and commercial environments.

With over 20 years of experience in specialised fire suppression technologies, we provide expert support and guidance on the most suitable gaseous extinguishing agents appropriate to the risk.

The Tyco Fire Hazard Protection Roadshows this month!

Roac-Show-Truck The UK will be the dominant player in the European data center market by 2020, according to a new report from the Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL). The report also predicts that data center space and power in Europe will increase by almost 20% between 2015 and 2020.


DAS Fire offers expert advice at Data Centre World 2017

626118682 DAS Fire will be exhibiting a range of cutting edge fire protection solutions at Data Centre World in London later this month.


Inert Gases using iFLOW Technology with VdS approval

Introducing the latest delivery solution that provides a regulated and effective discharge of inert gas. The iFLOW technology is designed to use inert gases this is a safe solution for people and properties and is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agents in fire suppression systems.


Driving Development in Fire Suppression

Protecting against fire risk plays a vital role in safety. The factors influencing the design, specification and use of fire suppression systems is changing. Read about developments in fire suppression technology from Tyco Fire Protection Products.


White Paper Protection of Data Centres

One of Tyco Fire Protection Products key areas of expertise in fire protection is Data Centres. Read about the Economic and Environmental Consideration of the Alternative Technologies for the protection of data centres.


Introducing iFLOW technology

HYGOOD has introduced its latest innovation in engineered fire suppression, iFLOW, a unique delivery system for inert gas clean agent.


Solutions for Your Business

HYGOOD fire suppression solutions are part of the Tyco Fire Protection Products portfolio. Offering an extensive range of gaseous fire protection solutions specifically developed to protect the risks in your environment.

Commercial Fire Protection

Commercial spaces and places of critical infrastructure such as offices, data server rooms, and data storage facilities have specific risks and challenges when it comes to fire protection. HYGOOD has a comprehensive range of fire and safety solutions to suit the specialist needs of each individual hazard.

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Marine Fire Protection

In the marine and shipping industry the demands the sophistication of modern ships, commercial or military and the hazardous operating environments require design flexibility coupled with specialist fire protection solutions. Read about HYGOOD fire protection solutions for Marine applications.

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Industrial Fire Protection

Industrial environments can pose various fire risks, environments such as hot presses need specialist solutions, HYGOOD knows this and has tailored solutions.

Fire Protection in Spaces for Public Use

HYGOOD has a complete range of gaseous fire suppression solutions which play a crucial role in protecting assets and systems that keep Local and Central Government functioning and hospital infrastructure protected. We provide a wide range of solutions that are designed to protect public spaces and places of historical interest such as libraries and museums.